About Park Avenue

Park Avenue is an interactive set of Q & A covering Parking contraventions in the UK.

Park Avenue will be licensed to Councils and Parking Companies so they can bring their CEO to speed on Parking codes specific to their requirements. Licensing are flexible & may cover 3, 6 & 12 months . Councils have unlimited opportunities to change the content of their curriculum as their operation warrants

Intensive but Convenient . CEO will download the app on their mobile phones and can play for as long as they are licensed for . This help them to refresh as they go and improve on their quality of service delivery . Park Avenue is the most affordable parking training app that fits any pocket.

How To Play

Playing is easy! Answer 50 questions correctly to conquer Park Avenue's Quiz Challenge. Beat the timer, select the right options, and climb to the top of the leaderboard. Test your knowledge and enjoy the thrill!

CEO's will log on to www.parkavenue.co.uk for the link to the payment portal.


Upon payment CEO's will register & generate unique code required at the start of each play.


CEO will attempt each of the questions as they apply to exemptions & observations of each contraventions.


Instant feedback will be - Correct, Incorrect, Partially correct.


Each Q&A will take 1.5 minutes . The app will lock out any unanswered question at the expiration of time allotted


CEO can choose to play for 15 , 30 or 60 minutes . The setting allows for resumed play when the game is not completed . CEO will receive scores at the end of each exercise.


CEO are eligible to play as often as they like during their license tenure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to common queries in our FAQs. Learn about compatibility, gameplay, and support. Get all the info you need for a seamless Park Avenue Quiz Challenge experience!

A1 Individual can pay to use Park Avenue as long as they know the Council that requires their expertise

A2 Questions are not generic but Council specific . This means that you only take a test relevant to your work.

A3 Park Avenue helps to grow robust parking practitioner by giving them knowledge they can use industry wide.

A4 How long it takes you to get a certificate. Your licence can be extended if you so wish.

A5 The unique code only identifies a person in whose name the certificate will be generated

A6 None. Park Avenue is a refresher course. It is not a substitute for industry recognised awards.

A7 When only 1 of the 2 units is correct or when all the multiple answers in some units have not been identified.

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